Bone Collection Systems

SPECO has the best and most proven Bone Collection System in the world. Other units on the market require various parts and housings, and if one component is missing, the system cannot effectively perform to its desired productivity. Speco’s bone collection unit utilizes many of the standard parts to make it one of the simplest systems on the market today. With a system of this type; rotation of the knife assembly gathers undesirable material in the meat and migrates it toward the centre of the plate, where it is received into one of the collection housings. It can be adapted to fit most meat grinders/mincers with no rework or minimum rework of product necessary. Bone collection plates are available in both Triumph® and Superior® qualities. Sizes include: #32, #52, #56, #160, #66, #11, and #16.

  • The simplest and most effective system on the market.
  • Utilizes many standard parts.
  • Can be adapted to most meat grinders.
  • Minimum to no rework of the product.

To increase your production, control temperature rises, increase yeilds, lengthen product shelf life, reduce energy consumption and drive the undesirables continuosly out of your products contact us today