Gearboxes (Repaired)


Gearbox RepairFS Repair Inc. Engineering has over 25 years of experience reconditioning,
repairing and rebuilding  gearboxes. We know how much your equipment is important to you. Therefore, we provide customers with quality restoration at a fair price, as well as quick and courteous service. Our gearbox repair, gearbox rebuilding and gearbox reconditioning services come with a quick turnaround time.


Our repairs involve:

  • Inspection of gearbox to include: failure analysis, bearing settings, gear
    clearance and gearing size, as well examination for cracks
  • Disassembly of gearbox and damage analysis
  • Components repaired or new parts installed (as needed) to meet and often
    exceed the OEM design. New bearings and seals are installed
  • Shaft repairs
  • Gearbox reassembled and tested

We service all major brands, including: