Weiler Grinders

Meat Grinders

Meat and Bone grinders are proven performers and envied in the industry for their innovative features and overall value. With heavy-duty construction that’s perfect for high-capacity grinding, and durable parts that lower maintenance costs and downtime. We recondition and rebuild all models.



Gearbox Repair


FS Repair Inc. Engineering has over 25 years of experience reconditioning,
repairing and rebuilding gearboxes. We know how much your equipment is important to you. Therefore, we provide customers with quality restoration at a fair price, as well as quick and courteous service. Our gearbox repair, gearbox rebuilding and gearbox reconditioning services come with a quick turnaround time.




Even the best equipment needs servicing or readjustment due to normal wear. FS Repair Inc. can rebuild or recondition any make or model of airlock to its original specifications. If the design parameters of the application have changed, we make the correct changes to the airlock for proper operation.

Bone Collection Systems

SPECO has the best and most proven Bone Collection System in the world. Other units on the market require various parts and housings, and if one component is missing, the system cannot effectively perform to its desired productivity. Speco’s bone collection unit utilizes many of the standard parts to make it one of the simplest systems on the market today.